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If you love West Coast Pop or you're just a Foster/Graydon fanatic, you NEED this CD. Reviewer: Lars Wrness This album contents some of the greatest songs ever written. Reviewer: Masatini words cant describe how cool this cd is, the tunes shows a brilliant team of!!! I can understand advertisement "Chicago meets Def Leppard" But Jay Graydon's guitar melody is more sensitive than Def Leppard!! 5 stars out of 5 Daveagain ONE OF THE BEST CD'S I HAVE EVER HEARD IN ALL MY LIFE Definately recommend. I can feel this and I've only had it a couple of days (I thought I'd write the review now cause they said it should be short! So many solo's and musicianship that's not only top class but with a definate intelligence to it you don't neccesarily always have in the great aor albums.I specialy am a big fan of the arrangements and the beautiful instrumentations. New dimension AOR I dreamed about Reviewer: Dave Really good. Really good lyrics in the same sense and the vocal sounds, performances and solo's are impossible to not feel. Also to note it sounds soft and 'cool' in a way that it dosen't seem to give that minor headache with constant playing or at the wrong time of day etc. No program installation nescessary, the songs speak for themselves. 5 OUT OF 5 STARS Reviewer: Nathan Euson What a killer CD! Clif's vocals are great and Jay can shred like a madman. Indulge in this trip back through the sounds of Chicago, Toto and Kenny Loggins.

Highest marks for production values, no Low-Fi here! Perfection & Grace author: barney What a great album, well, what would one expect from 'Jay Graydon' & 'Randy Goodrum'! DUDE THIS IS AWESOME Reviewer: Tony Ramirez OK so it's not new music from Jay but it's new music for us fans. But I am glad that he finally share these fantastic recordings with us lovers of the classic Westcoast era that ended 1982! This is the kind of stuff Foster was doing before Diane Warren took him over. Anyway-this kind of music from this kind of mucisians will always get it`s place where it`s needed. Amazing that after 15 years the songs has a nerv and are in this great shape.Although no hits emerged it became extremely popular in Japan. Superior West Coast Rock Reviewer: Tim Messer Airplay for the Planet is an album of superbly crafted West Coast rock. If you wanna feel really happy - listen to this album! More excellent guitar work from a master Reviewer: Tony Sanders Great playing all the way around.This is the reissue and includes a reprise of the Earth Wind & Fire Classic AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE (or is it "Is Gone"? Reviewer: chris Di Mella Killer tones, writing killer, production better that org. Later, Bro One of the best albums ever Reviewer: Olaf Great album with new mix. Strong songwriting, flawless playing and reference quality audio. Airplay 2002 = ear candy by Gary - Rating: 10 This CD when originally released in 1993 was great. by Achwell Rating: 10 What can i say,this is a great westcoast record whith the best musicians around. While quite a departure from the screaming guitar solos I love so well, it shows the versatility of great musicianship. Reviewer: Adrian Alexander, Australia I first fell in love with Jay's playing when he did Marc Jordan's Blue Desert album, but his mastery has been turned to a completely new genre on this album.Come to think of it, I'll just put these 2 great CDs on repeat for the next few days!!RAKE and the Surftones - SURFERS DRIVE WOODIES Rake Rules!

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